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What They Say About Harriette P Levitt



Posted by  anonymous on June 17, 2016

We went to Harriette Levitt to advise us regarding bankruptcy. Her initial consultation was direct, informative and supportive. She then instructed us on what we needed to do and enlightened us on what to expect. She and her staff were there to guide us through the entire process! There were no surprises at anytime. She made sure all t's were crossed and all i's were dotted. If you want a true professional who actually cares, hire Harriette Levitt!!!! Thank you Harriette for taking such good care of us. Would also like to thank the staff as well, Christie, Schyler and Maria.


Posted by Emigdio on November 22, 2014

She is by far the best lawyer words can't describe how pleased and appreciative I am toward her. She got me off five years early and helped me complete probation successfully. Thank you I'm very honored to have met you and to have been served by you I will always recommend you. Once again thank you!


Posted by Frank on November 17, 2014

In 1993 I met Ms. Levitt. She was appointed to me by the courts. From the beginning she went over and beyond. She worked vigorously to get me my just due. My case was overturned and I was re-sentenced from 24 years to five years time served, thanks to her outstanding work. Also I had a number of federal convictions that Ms. Levitt had nothing to do with, but contrary to her having nothing to do with it, she completely took over my federal cases. She worked vigorously to get me my just due. She filed a 2255 motion in federal court as well as a petition for clemency from the United States president. Thanks to Ms. Levitt championing my cause I am free today. I was wrongfully sentenced and convicted and had a sentence of over 60 years in prison with a release date of 2038. October the 21st of 2014 I was released due to the outstanding work Ms. Levitt did for me. But it goes even further. For over 20 years Ms. Levitt has been in my life helping me along the way. I honestly don't know what I would have done without her. To name a few things, first of all she charged me absolutely nothing. In 2001 my mother passed away. Ms. Levitt was there for me. She became my trustee for my inheritance. She took control of the situation by opening me a bank account, seeing to it that my inheritance check gets deposited monthly into my account. She took possession of my family heirlooms. She had placed them in her safe for over 12 years. All this she done free of charge. She refused to take anything for her services. She didn't know me from Adam, and she still did all this for me. I can go on and on with the things that she did for me, but if I go on, there will be no room left for anyone else. Not only is Ms. Levitt an awesome criminal attorney, she is a very, very amazing person. The term 'Godsent' seems to be crafted and designed to fit her. I can't do justice to her with this review or with words. So I just simply say thank you for all the wonderful things she did for me. Ms. Levitt is the BEST. She is absolutely SUPER and I recommend her to the world.


Posted by Ann on October 17, 2014

Court of Appeals Outcome: first-degree murder conviction reversed.  The defendant was resentenced to five years time served and released from custody.


Posted by Ray on August 13, 2014

Over two years ago my wife and I engaged an attorney in Philadelphia to address our financial situation after I had three different cancers and the real estate market collapsed. That attorney shall remain unnamed. He recommended chapter 13 which involved repayment of a substantial amount of the debt we owed. We were not happy with his services, particularly the lack of timely responsiveness to our concerns. When we moved to Tucson we decided to contact another attorney and after talking to several we went with Harriette Levitt and her staff. We have been very pleased at every step along the way. Every question and situation was dealt with quickly and directly. The attention to detail was both necessary and deliberate to assure that we included everything and that no stone was left unturned. This past Monday we had $447,000 in debt eliminated. I cannot begin to tell you how great that feels. Today we received a letter from the attorney of one of our major creditors initiating legal action. When I called Harriette's staff they told me, "She has a copy of it and if any action is necessary she will take it. And my response was yes she will.


Posted by Michelle on August 5, 2014

Bankruptcy is hard, embarrassing, and nerve wracking. Harriette did her best to listen to my story, explain what the procedure would be, protect my interests from the trustee, and help me come out of this issue. It wasn't everything I wanted to hear all the time, but I did need my dose of reality and Harriette gave it to me at the right times. Her staff treated me respectfully, thanks Tory and Skyler.